Lip custom design 

Naturally full & plump lips are always considered to be aesthetically impressive 

Your natural lip form must relate to the end result.

Genetics, environment & behavior play a role in developing our unique expressions, yet we can all be categorized into three basic lip forms, based upon lip volume measured from the upper red border of the lip to the line between the lips.

There are numerous options for Lip Augmentation. 
Clearly your facial shape, age & natural contours must dictate the foundation of augmentation. Your desired look may need to be worked on over a several injections 

Step One:

Choose proportion 

The Golden Ratio (Devine Proportion) = Phi = 1/1.6


Ancient mathematicians worked out beautiful things in nature

often were in this golden ratio.

The lips also look beautiful when they are in the golden ratio.

That is Lower lip is 1.6 times larger than upper lip.


Most clients should aim for this proportion.

Step two:

Choose lip shape

upper lip

A.Your natural shape – keep your shape but enhance.

B. Shapely S’s    -Gives S contours to lip.

C. Central Pout – most volume centrally

D. Outer Zone fill– widen lip

E. All zones filled– uniform fullness without contours.

F. Turn out a thin lip– gives more height to a thin lip. 

G. Border outline– better defines the border and helps reduce vertical lines.

H. Philtrum enhance– more definition to philtral columns

I.  Cupid Shaping– more definition to the cupid structure

Lip  custom styles 

Classic Lip Style

The most popular style of lip augmentation is the Classic look.
This style of lip augmentation is subtle, yet produces a distinctive formation of all the 5 natural planes that exist in the lips.
Women who have lost volume through aging and those who want a subtle augmentation choose this style.

This style of lip augmentation is just that: classic.
With just a minimal amount of filler placed in all five planes of the lips, this is the most subtle of the lip styles.


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